The Beer

Q: What is Calton Gold?

A: An unpretentious, honest, easy drinking Scottish lager, 4% ABV, named after Calton Hill.

Calton Gold is a clean, crisp Scottish lager, locally brewed in small batches in a traditional style. It’s a bright gold, with small, intense bubbles and excellent head retention. It’s easy to drink with a tang and a slightly more challenging aftertaste than many lagers.

Ideal for half-time drinks, sunny days, meeting mates, comedy value, lazy afternoons and Hogmanay cheers.

Ideally served in our own fluted nosing glass, it’s equally at home in a standard pint glass.

Whilst the exact recipe is (as normal!) a closely guarded secret, we can reveal that Calton Gold uses a slightly longer fermentation period of nine days, followed by three weeks cold storage, or “lagering”, the process that produces the classic clean, crisp taste in any good lager.

We use 100% Scottish barley malt, lightly roasted to stop germination while protecting the delicate sugars that the yeast feeds on, giving the classic bright gold colour. The water is drawn directly from an on-site well, tapping an underground reservoir that has been filtered through the Lothians volcanic rock, giving a unique mineral balance that is unmatched outside Burton On Trent (who have such spectacular local water that breweries all over the world now “Burtonize” their supply, manually adding the required minerals).