A Lager

It's all about keeping it cold... It’s all about keeping it cold…

Lager, German for “Storage”, is a type of beer fermented and conditioned in cool temperatures and subjected to a maturing or “lagering” period. Typically light in colour and lightly hopped,  classic lagers are sparkling, refreshing beers served with a crisp white head.

The key to a classic lager is relatively cold fermentation (Calton Gold uses an unusually long fermentation period of nine days) followed by storage at low temperatures, around three weeks for our classic Lothian example.

Soft water, or water low in magnesium, calcium and other minerals, is a key requirement for making a bright, crisp lager; the water of the Lothians is ideal, having been filtered through volcanic rocks. Our water is drawn directly from an on-site well before being used to create a 100% Scottish barley mash, making this a truly locally sourced beer.