A Pilsner

Barley fields at sunset.Pilsners are pale golden lager beersĀ  brewed in the style made famous in the Czech town of Pilsen, or Plzn. Crisp, sparkling, golden beers, Pilsners offer the ultimate in refreshment.

Prior to the introduction of Pilsner in 1842 almost all beers were dark in colour, even lagers had a deep red hue, similar to the modern Budvar. Pilsners, on the other hand, introduced the bright, golden colour that Calton Gold exhibits so wonderfully.

Made from 100% Scottish barley and water drawn from our on-site well, this is a truly local beer brewed to the exacting standards laid down by the Czechs.

All Pilsners are lagers, but not all lagers are Pilsners.