‘Mon The Murray!

It was meant to be a “soft launch” – get the first kegs into the Peartree without too much fanfare, sell a few pints, get some feedback, iron out any glitches.

We love it when a plan doesn’t come together.

What should have been a weeks supply of Calton Gold was mostly gone in the first 48 hours, and we had to top it up with a fresh delivery on Sunday afternoon, when the beer garden looked like this:

Image credit: Callum Wilde Image credit: Callum Wilde

Yes, the extraordinary amount of Calton Gold that was sold in the first few days probably had a lot to do with the gloriously sunny weather and Andy Murray’s historic exploits at Wimbledon, but we’ve got to claim a certain amount of credit.

We’ve done the sums, and we estimate that the Calton Gold tap was pouring for 30% of the time that the Peartree was open for that first weekend.  Not pouring as in “available”, actually pouring, beer flowing out of the kegs, through the extra chiller and out into a glass.  Frankly, we’re amazed we didn’t wear the pipe out.